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Pet health plans at Vinton Veterinary Hospital

Early Preventative Care is the best way to promote your pet's health and well-being. Start your new pet out on the right paw by enrolling him or her into the Canine or Feline Junior Wellness Plans. We also have a Senior Wellness Plan for those pets who are a little older.

Our doctors and healthcare team members feel preventive health care is very important for our patients. We emphasize to our clients to keep their pets current on vaccines, have regular parasite checks and to feed a well balanced diet. In addition we also offer Junior and Senior Wellness exams that can detect the onset of diseases and conditions early, when treatment and prevention are most effective.

The Junior Wellness Profile, for pets 1-6 years of age, can provide a clear picture of your pet's overall health. It can help identify problems early on so your pet can be diagnosed and properly treated or if all tests are normal, provide comforting peace of mind.

Like people, dogs and cats are living longer. We all cherish the companionship of our canine and feline friends. It is important that we help ensure these extended years are the happiest and healthiest possible. Working closely together we can help you make a significant difference in the life of your senior pet. Age is never just a number but rather a measure of the effect of aging on the body. Variables such as genetics, nutrition and environment all contribute to how your pet will be influenced by the aging process. In general, your pet is considered to be "Senior" at 7 years old. Studies have shown that as many as 23% of senior dogs and 17% of middle age or older cats that appear healthy upon physical examination have an underlying problem. Once symptoms appear, the conditions may be too difficult or costly to diagnose or treat. Because of the importance of preventive care our office offers several different plans for Senior Wellness Exams, our Doctors can help you decide which plan is appropriate for your pet.

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