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Dr. Courtney F. Wiegard

Dr. Courtney F. Wiegard


Dr. Courtney F. Wiegard

Originally from Waynesboro, VA

Bachelor of Science from Denison University in Granville, OH 2001

Played Varsity Women’s basketball at Denison University

Received Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2005

Began practicing for Vinton Veterinary Hospital in June 2005

Family includes:

Married to husband Spencer Wiegard since 2004. Spencer is a partner at law firm Gentry, Locke, Rakes & Moore.

Two Girls: Elliott who is 6 and Brynne who is 4

3 Dogs:

Milla a Beagle Mix who is 10

Spanky a French Bulldog who is 4

Annie a Golden & Spaniel Mix who is 2

1 Cat:

Bailey a Siamese Mix who is 1

Hobbies: Running, Cross-Training, Gardening, TV & Movie Junkie